Frequently Asked Questions

No image/thumbnail showing

  1. Make sure that the wpxtube directory in the wp-content/plugins/ have the correct permission of 755. Some hosting providers set restriction if a direction doesn’t have a correct permission
  2. Check that the wp-content/wpt_cache directory have the correct permission of 777
  3. Look into the wp-content/wpt_cache and see if there are sub-directories containing images: if not, you should restart downloading all images by clicking on the button Download All Thumbs in the feeds menu.
  4. Check that the following file wp-content/wpt_cache/.htaccess is present
  5. Make sure that mod_rewrite module is installed in your server
  6. if you are not using Apache or you don’t have mod_rewrite, you have to disable the permalink thumbs in the wpXtube setting menu

if you are using a custom theme like Adult Site Skins, you also need to enable the Auto display video option in wpXtube settings. It will display the video in each post entries.

Thumbnails with null size / have size zero byte

wpXtube works with a multi threaded version of CURL and some hosting providers have limitation to the number of files that can be downloaded at the same time. The result is that thumbnails aren’t store correctly. if you have this issue, the following setting should be change

  • Download thumbs threads set 1 to disable multi threaded version of CURL
  • Download thumbs threads set 0 to disable CURL and uses an alternative download system

Activation error: requires the ionCube PHP Loader

If you have the following message: the file ****/wp-content/plugins/wpxtube/wpt.php requires the ionCube PHP Loader ioncube_loader_lin_5.XXX.so to be installed by the website operator. If you are the website operator please use the ionCube Loader Wizard to assist with installation.
You need to install the latest ioncube loader. You can find it: Here. You can also ask your hosting provider to install it for you.

My hosting doesn’t support ioncube

wpXtube recommends the following affordable and quality web Hosting providers which have all required server software installed:

  1. M3Server wpXtube Special 75% off
  2. Vultr: cheap VPS starts at $7 / months

How can I post videos from xvideos.com / redtube.com or xhmaster.com?

wpXtube doesn’t support tubes like xvideos.com / redtube.com or xhmaster.com. wpXtube recommend to promoted the following Adult Sponsor, it will offer you a better long term income.

How to disable autoplay with wpXtube theme?

You need to edit the theme file single.php and replace the following strings:

  1. “autostart”: “true” => replace with “autostart”: “false”
  2. ‘autoPlay’:true => replace with ‘autoPlay’:false

How to get extra cash from my tube site?

wpXtube themes are using widgets to display build-in ads. A good way to earn extra cash is to sell ads space to an advertising network. We strongly recommend the following network:

  1. PlugRush
  2. JuicyAds

How to make custom theme work with wpXtube

From version 1.1.0 wpXtube support themes with Post Thumbnails and Featured Images theme feature (see WordPress Codex). Your theme must support this feature in order automatically display the video thumb.
You also need to enable the Auto display video option in wpXtube. It will display the video in each post entries. To activate this option, go to the wpXtube settings page.

Working custom themes:

  1. wpXtube Premium Themes Pack
  2. Adult Site Skins